Shape. Deliver. Run.

To stay ahead of your competition, you have to act, fail, learn, and grow quickly. Excel at what you are good at and collaborate with the best in your non-core areas. At Itility, we shape the platform that holds your digital solutions. Our DevOps teams twin with your teams to deliver what we shaped together. And then we run it, 24/7, seamlessly.

Shape your digital platform

Think before you run. We start by looking at your business objectives and shaping your foundation for current and future digital solutions. We define the most optimal setup by analyzing your current IT landscape through our AppWash methodology. In parallel, we build a scenario to cope with typical future digital services in the areas of data lakes, IoT, and analytics services. We collaborate with your software development teams and support them in developing their cloud-native solution roadmaps.

Our consultants use tried-and-tested building blocks to quickly construct a future-proof infrastructure foundation; simultaneously, we apply the DevOps way of working, aligning it with your existing teams. We have a large library of demonstrable tested building blocks, which will be adapted to your needs. We like to configure — not build from scratch — solutions such as monitoring, SLA reporting, and predictive maintenance algorithms.

Deliver results

Once shaped, it is time to deliver, to start moving toward the destination. We like to deliver results quickly, shoulder to shoulder with you. So we twin up, integrating our DevOps team with yours. Immediately, we step into execution, while maintaining a long-term view. Speed is key. Operations from day one onward.

As soon as the blueprint is there, we start transitioning toward the future through our agile model. You, the product owner, are in the driver’s seat. We look for an easy entry point, where we can work together closely and immediately start delivering results. From there, we work in short cycles and improve with every iteration, advancing further toward that digital platform your company envisions.

Run your IT operations factory

Once the digital platform is running it begins to produce a constant stream of data. Data analytics provide us with the means to make your objectives become reality. Steering on service-level agreements, predefined controls, and cost-level requirements that are in line with the commitments to your customer. Digital is key, but security, cost control, and detailed monitoring are indispensable hygienes.

We deliver this to you via real-time dashboards or an API, so your analytics team can combine the data in your own reports. Using predictive analytics and automation, we run your platform 24/7, hands-off. You can focus on digital change and innovation, while we keep your production systems under control. The factory never stops. Shape. Deliver. Run. Shape. Deliver. Run.

Where do we start?

Either we follow your formal sourcing process, or we use our one-month lead-time workshop approach to tackle all relevant areas and define the entry point. Together we select an area where we can start small in order to prove the first version of the platform. And we grow from there. We believe in flexibility and like to model our contracts accordingly. An agile entrance requires an agile agreement for working together.

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"Let's discuss how we can start to shape, deliver, and run your digital platform."