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Itility Cloud Control (ICC) offers a mechanism to simplify your existing IT landscape for better operations results. The challenge for IT operations: combine tight controls, effective software, and hardware maintenance with higher agility. In short: transforming into the IT operations factory. We wrap your current landscape into software and apply analytics and machine learning to it. We make it software defined. Why not let the machine handle the complexity instead of applying the traditional approach of manual labor?



Using modern technology, we enforce configurations with high repeatability, scalability, and “first time right” delivery. We solve critical issues before they occur, data-driven control by collecting and analyzing metrics of your IT landscape.



ICC visualizes your entire IT landscape and gives insight into: configuration items, costs, end-user performance, and security. The ICC API offers access to the raw data obtained to facilitate the reporting needs of your organization.

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A platform to stay in control of your IT landscape while implementing functional and maintenance driven changes. Continuous integration and delivery while maintaining flawless operations by small DevOps teams.

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What does it mean for your company?

IT as utility. Always available for your customers to use. Reliable. Changes traditionally cause most outages. With ICC, your changes are automatically tested, deployed and peer reviewed to avoid unexpected outages at all times.

Pipelines | Infra-as-code | CI/CD | Automation

Rapid (controlled) deployment of your changes while maintaining a positive user experience. Roll out security patches to all systems in your IT application landscape making use of your pipeline. Stay up to par with your lifecycle requirements.

Pipelines | Infra-as-code | CI/CD | Automation | Lifecycle management

Design and define infrastructure or even complete IT landscapes in code. Deploy this code to your infrastructure and enforce your systems to comply with the requirements set in code. No more manual interventions to single systems and more time for your engineers to focus on development, instead of operations.

Infra-as-code | Desired state | Automation

Cost insights and advice to optimize your cloud subscriptions. Configuration insight on the infrastructure level and the even more relevant application layer. Security baselines that can be customized to fit compliancy rules. Insights available on web and mobile.

Analytics | Reporting | End-to-end monitoring | Application insights

Advanced stream/hot analytics is responsible for constant monitoring of your system and, when needed, triggers our automation engine to make changes. Predictive analytics ensures the desired state. Advanced reporting gives you and our operations team the possibility to drill down from the end user perspective towards the infrastructure layer. All of this ensures optimal availability and reliability.

Analytics | Auto remediation | End-to-end monitoring | Application insights

Have a system which is only being used once a month or once a year for financial calculations? Easily implement a schedule to power them on and off when needed. Scale systems to your requirements without having to order hardware. Only pay for what you use. 20 – 40% cost reduction because of working more effective in small DevOps teams, always using an automation and analytics based approach.

Rightsizing | Scaling | Capacity management

For cloud-native applications, ICC offers a Kubernetes based container orchestration solution. Through this, containerized applications can be deployed, scaled and managed.

Containerization | Kubernetes

Digital transformation

We combine your current IT landscape with a new software defined way of working: digital transformation and transition for IT Operations. 

With our solution we can unburden you on running your IT while in parallel offer the resilience required by your business. True incremental digital transformation.

How do we do it?

Partners in continuous development

The human factor

We work in agile teams covering development as well as operations (DevOps). These DevOps teams have a multi-disciplinary skill set, which covers cloud tec­­­­­hnologies, physical IT infrastructures, analytics, machine learning, and software development. We run IT as a factory with you as the factory lead. Our product owners twin up with your application owners to achieve the required SLA against defined cost and security levels.

Continuous integration and delivery

The general concept of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is applied to your IT. High quality IT Operations are achieved by means of automated testing, automated deployments, and peer reviewing using controlled pipelines. A controlled way to manage the application landscapes and infrastructure through software practices offers the business required SLA.

Code and analytics

Based upon latest IT developments, application landscapes can be defined in software code. Through modern data analytics practices, performance and status can be monitored and automatically controlled. Applying the “software only” and “analytics first” approach, brings the concept of full control from a cost, compliancy, and service level perspective within reach.

Where do we start?

In a few days we analyze one of your applications for automation and make it software defined

We start small with your easiest application. One of your applications, including the infrastructure and middleware layer, will be wrapped in a software-controlled setup. This can be done on any cloud, be it private or public.

Once this is completed, analytics will be used to determine the performance of the application. Security and compliancy policies will be considered and reported on. When the software-controlled setup has proven to be beneficial, the application will be migrated to the new setup. The ICC DevOps team will take care of the application and related infrastructure from that point on.


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